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"Let the user buy assured, with the heart."!" It is the service tenet of Wuxi Precision Industry Co., ltd.. In order to help you choose your own products, our company has provided you with a comprehensive and considerate pre-sales, sale, and after-sales service.

Pre-sales services include:

1, pre-sales Advisory: through a variety of ways (QQ, hotline, website, mail, public number, etc.), from the user's point of view, together with you to determine the best cooling program.

2, the free plan: in order to help you better to buy suitable products, our company provides products with many similar schemes of customers; we have to provide support and technical services for the country tens of thousands of enterprises, provide reference and more accurate models for the user to purchase the refrigeration capacity.

3, the perfect sales service network: no matter where you are, we have professional staff, ready to provide you with professional pre-sales, sale, after-sales service.

4., the perfect network services: if you want to understand our products, but also through the website, Alibaba, video, Baidu encyclopedia, WeChat public number, and so on to further understand.

Sales services include:

1., standardized process line operation, the product has strict quality control and management of supply chain, short production cycle, high quality, prompt delivery.

After sale services include:

The 1.380 Day Warranty

2. have a high level of technical service team, 4008-563-396 service hotline, all-weather response and quick response service.

3. warranty service and all accessories all free (except for man-made factors); provide technical support lifelong warranty, equipment and accessories to ensure preferential prices to the vast number of users.